Welcome to Diamond Acres

We are located in the heart of the Ozarks on the Missouri – Arkansas line, overlooking beautiful Bull Shoals Lake.  We are a family owned ranch, dedicated to raising strong, hardy animals.

  • We raise Kiko meat goats
    Large framed
    400 acres to live and thrive on
  • We raise Anatolian Shepherds
    Good looking, healthy pups from working livestock guard parents
    Show quality
    Pups are born and raised in the pasture with the goats
    Dogs stay with the goats where ever they roam on the 400 acres (this country is full of coyotes, fox, big cats & bear; we do not bring our goats in at night so our dogs keep the goats and kids safe day & night)
  • We raise Rhodesian Ridgebacks
    Quality animals from champion bred parents
    3 acres around the ranch on which they grow & play
    Red, wheaton, some with black mask; some self colored mask
  • We raise Savannah cats
    Cross between an African Serval cat and a domestic cat
    Relatively new breed, the goal of creating a domestic cat that look like the African Serval

We also use, raise & train Hanging Tree Herding dogs.  They are incredibly loyal, tough, gritty and smart.

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